Rally for Peace, Justice and Unity

Rally PJU

Peachtree NORML is expecting a large group of citizens supporting  marijuana law reform and criminal justice reform to unite in the newly designed Continue Reading

Rep. Peake’s Hometown Newspaper Wants You to Shut Up and be Happy With What You are Given

GW Pharmaceuticals

In an attempt to repair some of the damage done by Rep. Allen Peake’s (R-Macon) decision to back down on his promise to bring Georgia medical marijuana refugees home, the Macon Telegraph on Sunday published an editorial lambasting the thousands of patients and activists in Georgia that are pushing back against the “compromise” struck between Peake […]

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Innocent Georgians are Being Bilked for Millions with Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

asset forfeiture in Georgia

Besides awesome football, what do Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia have in common? These are the five states that the Institute for Justice list in an extensive 2010 study titled Policing for Profit as having the most egregious civil asset forfeiture laws in the country. Unlike criminal asset forfeiture, under civil forfeiture the owner of the property being […]

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Cannabis Oil; Full Legalization Bills Pre-Filed for 2015 Legislative Session- via APN


Georgia is moving forward on marijuana reform.  There are now three pre filed bills addressing the issue.  NORML anticipate at least one more will come down the pipes.  NORML will continue to advocate for the decriminalization and regulation of cannabis.  Your zipcode should not decide your fate anymore.  With so many states working toward reform, […]

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ABC’s 20/20 features The Bou Bou Phonesavanh tragedy


Tragedy many times turns to triumph, except for when it doesn’t. The deck is stacked against many victims of the over militarization of our police force and their blind pursuit to win America longest running war, the drug war. The name of the game is protecting evidence, not public safety. Police and Sheriffs all over […]

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