Another Successful Atlanta Pride

Peachtree NORML hosted an educational booth in Piedmont Park October 8-9 and entered a float in the Atlanta Pride 2016 parade this year.

Thanks to Dean, Kelley and Kim for organizing volunteers and preparing the merchandise and educational information.  We would like to thank everyone for coming out to help us spread the seeds of truth about cannabis.  Our movement grew by leaps and bounds thanks to each of you.

We would also like to give a shout out to Pure Hemp rolling papers for sponsoring our booth, Dr. Felicia for giving a large donation to help with printed materials and Adam Eidinger, and Collette with for taking time out of their busy schedule and driving all the way from Washington D.C. to join us in the parade with the Dr. Bronners Jail for our float.  Their dedication to changing the entire country is incredibly humbling.

The city of Atlanta’s reaction to our message, “No one belongs in jail for a plant” was well received, in fact they were cheering loudly.  Georgians are ready.  We collected thousands of emails from Georgia citizens looking to help. We also had several thousand postcards addressed to our new Attorney General signed by Georgia voters.  All of these will be headed to the post office in spurts over the next few weeks.  We will welcome him in style.

Citizens from across Georgia want change and they are willing to put their name on the list of supporters of cannabis legalization.  No one is afraid anymore.


Thanks again for the continued support as we move ahead in the Bible Belt.

Enjoy some of our pictures…See you soon.