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The N.F.L.’s Absurd Marijuana Policy


N.F.L. has a certifiable need for medical marijuana.

The game we celebrate creates a life of daily pain for those who play it. Some players choose marijuana to manage this pain, which allows Read more

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‘Lord, help me’: Might Macon woman be game-changer in medical marijuana debate?

BY JOE KOVAC JR. September 6, 2014

Katie Crosby, 26, has been living with chronic pain of one form or another since her teen years. Today, the pain is so severe that she is mostly restricted to a Read more

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Finally, Some Hard Science on Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy Patients

For years, some parents have turned to medical marijuana to treat their children’s debilitating epilepsy, crediting the drug with dramatically reducing seizure activity. A groundbreaking clinical trial about to begin recruiting test subjects may finally provide some Read more

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Joint Committee Discussing Legalizing Marijuana in SC

Clark Fouraker, WLTX

The discussion comes after the General Assembly last session passed a bill legalizing industrial hemp, which also has THC, the substances that makes marijuana illegal.

“We see fit, that albeit a little bit different, should ride Read more

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Life sentence for buying marijuana?

By Vanita Gupta

Editor’s note: CNN’s David Mattingly reports on the case of a Missouri man sentenced to life in prison for purchasing marijuana Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Erin Burnett OutFront. Vanita Gupta is a deputy legal Read more

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Marijuana User Face Workplace Discrimination: Ban the Box Campaign fights back

In Georgia, Ravert often sees people caught in a double bind – being too sick to work unless they have access to medical marijuana, and then after accessing the same, being unable to find a job because of the medication that allows them to look in the first place.

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