Dr. Uma Dhanabalan speaks to Georgia about Medical Cannabis

James Bell of GA CARE interviewed Dr. Uma Dhanabalan at her home in Georgia a few months ago to get at the truth about medical marijuana.   Thanks to GA CARE for the professional production.  You can view it here on youtube .  Please like it, leave a comment and most importantly share it with everyone you know.  If you have a question for the doctor, please contact her at contactus@peachtreenorml.org. Please note in the subject line – “Question for the Doctor”.

Dr. Dhanabalan sits on the board of Peachtree NORML and is one of a growing number of physicians that are pushing to “Do No Harm”.  Her passion is focused on educating other healthcare providers to the benefits of cannabis and to the harms of prohibiting it.  She continues to push for federal de-scheduling.

Dr. Uma had been slated to testify before the Georgia Medical Cannabis Committee on November 12,, 2014 in Augusta, but has been rescheduled to speak sometime in early 2015.  We will keep you informed on this front.

Southern Cannabis Reform Conference II Mothers, Doctors and Cops coalition
Southern Cannabis Reform Conference II
Mothers, Doctors and Cops coalition

Cannabis is not an entrance drug, it is the exit drug

from pharmaceuticals and narcotics. Education is a

key component as we move forward in Georgia. We

must educate the public, legislators and health care

providers to remove the stigma and achieve necessary

reforms. When it comes to patient care, medical use of

cannabis should be a first option, not a last resort.”

-Uma Dhanabalan, MD MPH FAAFP