Georgia Police Kill Grandpa During Raid Based on Tip by Burglary Suspect

drug-war-victimPlease note: Peachtree NORML will be holding a rally in support of the Hooks family on Monday October 13 in front of the Laurens County Courthouse in Dublin. For more information please see the event page here.

When Teresa Hooks looked outside the craft room window of her Georgia home one night last week, she saw hooded figures wearing camouflage standing outside.

The East Dublin woman woke up her husband, David Hooks, who grabbed his shotgun, believing burglars who had recently targeted the couple had come back again, reported WMAZ-TV.

The sheriff’s deputies burst through the back door about 11 p.m. on Sept. 24 and, seeing David Hooks holding the weapon, fired 16 shots – killing the 59-year-old grandfather.

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