ICYMI: Georgia Runoff Results Bode Well For Cannabis If Lawmakers Follow Through, Industry Pros Say

Don’t miss yesterday’s article at Benzinga, which includes the views of Peachtree NORML leadership among Georgia’s “cannabis industry pros.” We’re proud to be representing our members and their interests at a critical time in Georgia, and a key juncture for cannabis policy nationally.

Leaders Laura Williams and Ryan Ralston of the non-partisan groupĀ Peachtree NORML say that it is less about which party wins and more about which lawmaker follows through on the citizens’ will.

“They cater to big industry and special interests, and continue to kick the can down the road, denying Georgians access to medicine and new businesses,” group reps said of Georgia’s lawmakers on the state and federal level. “We’ve had enough.”

Benzinga article
Andrew Ward

January 6, 2021