Register to Vote Online in 3 Minutes

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The Voter Registration Deadline is Near!

Like Snoop said, “If you want your weed legal, go register to vote.”  But that’s not all. You have to support and vote for candidates that want to end the Drug War and the prohibition of Cannabis. You can’t vote if you aren’t registered.

If you have moved to a new address since the last election, you will need to update your registration.

If you are a college student from out of state you can register to vote where you are.

If you are or are going to be 18 by November 8, 2016 you may register to vote.

The Voter Registration Deadline in Georgia is October 11th

To register, update your registration and if you don’t know where to vote, you can find out online using any of these tools. Be sure to find the sample ballots at your Secretary of State’s website so that you can look at the issues and the candidates before you vote.


If you live in Georgia, go here to register:


If you are a millennial register via text here:


If you do not live in Georgia, go here:


Georgia residents; click here to vote by mail and much more.