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Nathan Johnson: Punished not for Pot, but for Insisting on a Trial

Nathan Johnson could have pled and gotten probation. He received 10 years on 2 felony counts, not for growing cannabis, but for insisting on going to trial. Read more
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Tom McCain pictured in his favorite black fedora with gold leaf pin, Peachtree NORML Executive Director and cannabis activist, died today, June 23, 2022.

Tragic Loss: Tom McCain, Peachtree NORML activist

With deepest sadness, we announce the passing of Tom McCain, Peachtree NORML’s executive director emeritus and long-time board member. Tom suffered a heart attack on June 12th. He did not regain consciousness and passed peacefully on June 23rd, 2022 Read more

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Cannabis leaves and handcuffs

Gwinnett DELAYS Vote to Reduce Harm of Cannabis Arrests

Gwinnett Commissioners failed to enact basic reforms on cannabis use. Constituents are encouraged to contact their commissioners to press for change. Read more
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Call to Action: Contact Gwinnett Commissioners

Tell your Gwinnett County Commissioners to vote FOR the cannabis harm reduction ordinance, reducing simple possession a civil fine rather than a criminal arrest. Read more
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A Case of Jury Nullification in Rural Georgia

Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia 10/31/2017

The Case

During this operation “Luis” made two transactions with the Defendant, Antonio Willis, who was later arrested in a “roundup” of everyone whom “Luis” had bought drugs from.

The Jury

The final jury Read more

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The Loss Of An Activist, The Passing of a Friend, James Bell

James Bell at Atlanta Rotary Club showing the difference in misdemeanor and felony weights of marijuana

Awful News

The James Bell I Knew

Justice for David HooksLori Knowles

What Now?

Go rest high upon that mountain, Son your Read more

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