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A NORML Day On The Oconee River

Getting the message out

The Great Oconee River Raft Race

Enter Altamaha Riverkeeper

Altamaha Riverkeeper

Peachtree NORML Steps Up

When I spoke with Kaitlyn Warren about co-sponsoring the event and entering a raft, she welcomed the idea, so we Read more

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Peachtree NORML Mid-Georgia, Small But Dedicated

Tabling at Smiley’s Flea Market and Yard Sale, Macon GA 5/20/2017

Reeling Them In

Step right up folks, let me tell you about the lies we’ve been told for 80 years

The threat of rain kept the crowd down Read more

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Is the city of Atlanta ready to cite and release for cannabis possession?

The first of the Quality of Life hearings held on February 24th was emotion filled and at times hostile towards the council members – watch that hearing here

While there is still work to be done on fine tuning Read more

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The Roots of Marijuana Prohibition – Harry Anslinger and the Marihuana Tax Act


To verify that that the foundation of cannabis prohibition was racial bias and bigotry, one need only to look at societal norms of that era and the statements of Harry J. Anslinger during his campaign against marijuana.

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HB 65 To Improve Medical Cannabis Law Moves Out Of Committee

At the start of this year’s legislative session, House Leadership formed the Medical Cannabis Working Group, an 11 member panel chaired by Rep. Allen Peake. Although the panel only met twice, first on February 1st, then again on Read more

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Georgia: Legislation Pending to Defelonize Marijuana possession Offenses

Action Alert!

Legislation is pending in the Senate, SB 105, to reduce felony marijuana possession offenses to a fine-only misdemeanor.

Under state lawpress release. “Georgia has made great strides, but there is still much room to improve Read more
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