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UN Drug Panel Reclassifies Cannabis to Reflect Medical Use, Relative Safety

"...Change is coming. The reefer-madness lies can't survive serious scrutiny," said Ryan Ralston, Executive Director of Peachtree NORML Read more
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Cannabis Prohibition is Killing Veterans

Cannabis is simply safer - so why can't our bravest access it? Read more
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Walk To Defeat ALS- Atlanta – Walking Team

Peachtree NORML supporters were out in full force at the Walk To Defeat ALS.  We handed out information about ALS and cannabis.  We were approached by many people looking to sign up for the medical marijuana CBD Low Thc registry and gave them that information.  We are always looking for others to join our walking team.  If you are interested in joining us please send your contact info to us at  Subject line in the email should read:  Walking Team.

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Dr. Uma Dhanabalan speaks to Georgia about Medical Cannabis

James Bell of GA CAREhere on Please note in the subject line – “Question for the Doctor”.

Southern Cannabis Reform Conference IIMothers, Doctors and Cops coalition

“Cannabis is not an entrance drug, it is the Read more

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Obama’s nominee for a top DOJ slot has said states should legalize marijuana. That’s a huge deal.

Another victory for marijuana proponents as Obama nominates Vanita Gupta to the DOJ.


This is great news for the country as Obama has nominated a very respected leader and reformist. Vanita Gupta is for the states rights to Read more

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Our Time is Now – Register and Rock the Vote

Marijuana is gaining acceptance across the country and we expect Federal Legislation by the Summer of 2015

It’s crucial that we get the young voters to turn out and make a strong statement about the failed marijuana prohibition and Read more

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