Georgia State Students Make Anti-Prohibition Film

Tom McCain seated in home office during on-camera interview.

80 years of prohibition has had a far higher toll than cannabis use ever could. It’s time for the Georgia legislature to stop denying the will of the people.

We’re so happy to showcase this student film from our Read more

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Press Conference held at the Gold Dome- Support shown for SB 254

Sharon Ravert speaking in favor of SB 254. 1/20/16

Peachtree NORML is proud to announce that Georgia is moving forward with marijuana law reform. The General Assembly has 7 bills to consider in the 2016 session.  There is Read more

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Georgia: Bill Introduced To Eliminate Marijuana Possession Felonies

Legislation has been pre-filed for the 2016 legislative session to eliminate felony marijuana possession laws.

Senate Bill 254 amends the state criminal code so that no marijuana possession offense may any longer be classified as a felony. Read more

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Republican Strategist on Legalization: “This is something you should be for”

As a country is this really want we want?  To spend 50 Billion a year on fueling an enormous Law Enforcement bureaucracy, the militarization of police departments as they seize the rational for well this is why we Read more

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Daniel Almond House District 159 Republican Candidate supports cannabis legalization


Hi, I’m Daniel Almond, and I’m running for the Georgia General Assembly seat 159 in the Republican Primary. I support full cannabis legalization as part of a much needed and aggressive agenda to reform the state’s justice system Read more

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No, marijuana use doesn’t lower your IQ

Another study that has been used as evidence against marijuana reform has been debunked. The study used and quoted by Kevin Sabet and Patrick Kennedy of SAM (smart approach to marijuana) often in interviews said, ” that early marijuana Read more

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