ABC’s 20/20 features The Bou Bou Phonesavanh tragedy

Tragedy many times turns to triumph, except for when it doesn’t. The deck is stacked against many victims of the over militarization of our police force and their blind pursuit to win America longest running war, the drug war. The name of the game is protecting evidence, not public safety. Police and Sheriffs all over this country rely on confidential informants to obtain search warrants. There are over 50,000 swat type raids in America every year, this is not an isolated incident.

NORML has been at each of the rally’s to support the Phonesavanh family as they seek justice for their son and family. The medical bills and the future medical procedures are only part of the story. The fear and trauma that this family will most likely endure after being subject to such tactics could haunt them for a very long time. “When a family endures such violence in their home, it is difficult to find peace anywhere. You want to understand how this could happen, you tend to question the system and wonder how America got here.” says Sharon Ravert. “The system is broken and it is time to reassess. This family should be made whole; the citizens of Habersham County should insist on it. They should also unite to replace the current administration. If citizens cannot get relief in the criminal justice system, then we must seek relief in civil actions and in the voting booth. Next election Sheriff Terrell, and anyone that was involved in the issuance or serving of this warrant, should be shown the door and handed a pink slip.” suggest Ravert.

NORML will continue to highlight the harms of prohibition, the over criminalization of citizens, the militarization of our police force, civil asset forfeiture, the use of confidential informants and warrant issuance.

We will begin a new social media campaign in January 0f 2015 featuring victims of our failed drug policy.

You can watch the 20/20 segment here.

Local coverage WSB-TV segment here.

The family has set up a site for donations, prayers and to follow baby Bou Bou’s journey of hope and healing – Justice and Prayer for Baby Bou Bou