Cannabis Oil; Full Legalization Bills Pre-Filed for 2015 Legislative Session- via APN

Georgia is moving forward on marijuana reform.  There are now three pre filed bills addressing the issue.  NORML anticipate at least one more will come down the pipes.  NORML will continue to advocate for the decriminalization and regulation of cannabis.  Your zipcode should not decide your fate anymore.  With so many states working toward reform, Georgia would do good to not be last on this if we want to continue bringing the film industry here and continue to be an international city.  We must allow others that live in more sensible states to visit with their medicine at the very least.

NORML supports full plant therapy. If a certain strain or titration level is needed for certain patients that should be decided by the doctor.  We also support training for healthcare providers on the ECS, we would like to see CME credits given for this continuing education.  NORML also will continue to encourage physicians with a working knowledge of the endocannabanoid system and cannabis therapeutics be seated on the Review Board.
Georgia has had a Marijuana composite review board in Georgia for 30 years now and it accomplished nothing.  We can not move fast enough.

“Peachtree NORML acknowledges that cannabis has therapeutic value.  We focus more directly on the harm of the prohibition of cannabis.  There are many victim of our 80 year old prohibition, which include the patient that would be helped by medical marijuana.    It is time to break the taboo.  You don’t have to be pro-cannabis to be anti-prohibition”- Sharon Ravert Executive Director of Peachtree NORML said, “We are very excited about 2015 and will continue to work with both Republicans and Democrats as we seek to find a solution that will work for all Georgians.  Whatever we come up with, it must provide safe access,  enhance public safety, ensure safety from prosecution for consumer, producers and distributors and employ  a more sensible harm reduction strategy.”


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