Biggest Cannabis Reform Opportunity in Atlanta History – Feb. 21, 2017



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The Public Safety/Legal Committee of the Atlanta City Council met on Tuesday February 14, 2017,  leaders from many grassroots organizations and activists packed the room to demand action stemming from the City’s lack of action surrounding the shooting death of Deaundre Phillips.

The Committee waived their original agenda and allowed public comment regarding the reform proposals for 80+ “Quality of Life” enforcement ordinances from drinking aftershave, to spitting, but the entire session turned into a back and forth over cannabis decriminalization.

The focus of the committee’s discussion went to the viability of structuring an ordinance similar to the one signed by Clarkston’s mayor, Ted Terry, which turned possession under an ounce into a ticketable offense.

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The resolution of this matter is scheduled to occur on Tuesday February 21st at the Atlanta City Council work session at City Hall, 10-noon.

But wait there’s more… Also on Tuesday, the Georgia House Judiciary is having a hearing on HB 65 to amend Georgia’s Medical Cannabis program at 1:00 in room 515 of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building. Click this link to see the bill…

On Wednesday, February 22nd at 4:00 in room 307 of the Coverdell Building, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing SB 105 (click here to see the bill) to reduce penalties for possession of small personal quantities of cannabis.

Although it may appear that progress is being made, it is more important now than ever before to contact your public officials to let them know where you stand of the issue of cannabis use and possession.

No one belongs in jail for a plant.

2 thoughts on “Biggest Cannabis Reform Opportunity in Atlanta History – Feb. 21, 2017”

  1. PLEASE look up your Senators and Representatives and email or call on Monday or Tuesday morning!!! Do this ASAP!! Let them know that YOU are THEIR constituents and that this is what you and your community wants, you must also let them know that you support them, as well!!
    PLEASE at least send an email!!

  2. BOTH of these Bills are important and it is imperative that both pass and become law.
    SB 105, especially, is a significant step in the right direction for Cannabis Freedom in the State of Georgia. I pray that this Bill passes and becomes law and subsequently becomes a stepping stone to statewide legalization of , at a minimum, small amount possession.
    Professional and Medical research has already proven that Cannabis is a safe plant, MUCH, MUCH safer than alcohol and nicotine which are already legal and killing human beings. There has never been a recorded or reported death as a result of Cannabis, it is impossible to overdose on this substance and it has been proven that it is NOT a “gateway drug”. Our precious law enforcement officers are wasting their time, money and our money enforcing laws pertaining to Cannabis possession and could be combating crime in other areas. The War on Drugs is a failure.

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