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1 thought on “Submit Your Cannabis Testimonial”

  1. I am a supporting member of Peachtree normal. My wife is a currently disabled R.N. Nurse Midwife. She was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. She is almost blind from cataracts and has intractable migraines. Most of which is caused by severe all over body inflammation. She has never used medical marijuana or even experimented with it or any other drug. She has never even smoked a cigarette. She has taken large amounts of opioids,chemotherapy,steroids, and other drugs that are expensive and do not work. When I started to read about cannabis oil and medical marijuana I thought this is great a may give my wife her life back, or aleast to a point she can knock down the severe inflammation and pain she suffers from on a daily basis. Because we live in the State of Georgia she is not able to even try this medication. We would have to go over state lines to get help and that is not even right. Why is it so hard for Georgia to see the benefits of other States that have made it legal? We love Georgia but we will leave if needed to try other avenues for better health care.
    What can I do to help my wife now?

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