Clarkston Mayor ready to Decriminalize Marijuana

As things went south for all of the introduced marijuana legislation this year again, many local municipalities are thinking out of the box.  The first to announce a plan to refocus police resources comes out of Clarkston. Mayor Ted Terry says it is time to decriminalize less than an ounce of marijuana.  He believes a standing Georgia law referred to as “Home Law” gives his city the power to do so.  He wishes to try something new that they believe will make their community safer.  It will free up police to focus on violent crime.

It seems that the vote will be in May, if it passes Clarkston will be the first city to decriminalize small amounts in Georgia.

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1 thought on “Clarkston Mayor ready to Decriminalize Marijuana”

  1. I agree. I am going thru the same type senerio. I reside in grady county and am being Harrassed and profiled. Latest; pulled over for “failure to maintain lane”, an all time classic, Possesion <oz (3G tops). Arrested with only one option for a bondsman that I could call(what?). My Civil rights were violated and bondsman refused to come (too long get into) I Had to get property bond next day. The office at time of my release said to me and my witness that the reason I was pulled over was that I was reportedly smoking marijuana. Then why the ticket Failure maintain lane? So wrong. Oh, I socialize with african Americans and have been see with them. The police follow me and pull in behind and sit there. I've been pull over and 6-8 (all white)some uniforms & some kaki surround my car as in being breathelized put one foot in bumper and just look at me. Lot more to this. I wanna fight. But I'm unemployed. Help please. I have court May 4th

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