Deja vu– Unterman to kill Hope for patients

It seems so cruel that year after year the same Senator would kill a bill that is meant to help many suffering Georgia patients. She seems determined to continue Prohibition in our State and she doesn’t care about those suffering the consequences of her reefer madness.

In an Atlanta Journal interview she reveals her plan to hold the bill hostage again with another promise for next year.

Unterman said she felt the push to expand the list needed more work and discussion than time would allow during the session.

“I met with some of the families and I’ve committed to continue working on it with them, and that’s what I told them,” Unterman said. When asked if she expected to schedule a hearing, she said: “No, it’s not coming up.”

Read full AJC article here.

Seems 3 years ago most citizens and many legislators were saying Georgia can’t move fast enough.  How much more time does Senator Unterman need?  It seems Senator Unterman will have a primary race this year, as a seeming newcomer, Todd Tyson, has qualified as a Republican in her long held District 45.  Looks like some fine Gwinnetians will have a decision to make come May.

5 thoughts on “Deja vu– Unterman to kill Hope for patients”

  1. Jonathan Blackwell

    My father has stage 3 lung cancer and a tumor, he would benefit from the use of the low dose oil. It angers me that my father can not get the help he needs due to ignorance, especially when it has been proven to help and/or cure the patient.I don’t want to lose my father. I am reaching out for help, in anyway possible. I want to take action just need to know where to start.

    1. Apologies for our late response. Somehow this message didn’t get seen. I hope you received the information you needed already, but in case not… has a list of doctors. Also you can call the Department of Public Health and ask them for a referral.

  2. I can’t believe that HB722 is going to be sat on another year. It seems that the families that already have access to the medication have hijack the bill for in-state cultivation. What about those of us who suffer and would have benefited from the additional conditions being added? Now we get to suffer for another year, or move out of state.

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