Governor Deal receives a “D” from NORML


NORML Gubernatorial report card give Georgia a failing grade

“With the 2016 election only days away, NORML is pleased to release
of our first ever Gubernatorial Scorecard. Inspired by NORML’s
Congressional Scorecgov-dealard, this extensive database as

signs a letter grade ‘A’
through ‘F’ to every state governor based upon his or her comments and
voting records specific to matters of marijuana policy.

Read more and see where other State Governors stand.

“It will come as no surprise to Georgia citizens and advocates that Governor Deal is at the bottom of the barrel when it come to harm reduction strategies.  He claims to be leading the way on criminal justice reform, but continues his prohibitionist ways on the cannabis issue.  He is afraid of a few social users that rarely consume or purchase cannabis in our State and uses that fear to keep this plant from our most vulnerable citizens, sick patients.” said Sharon Ravert.  ” It is time for responsible adults to be in charge of their own bodies and their own health, if we are truly a free country.  It is time for those making money off of prohibition to stop lobbying against a change that could heal our citizens and our communities.”


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