Governor Deal signs HB1 into law in Georgia

Today Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal signed into law HB1 , the Hayleigh’s Hope law.  A limited form of low thc/high cbd oil for a short list of patients in Georgia is now legal to possess.  Although patients will have to rely on outside of the state sources for this very specialized oil and break federal law to get it to Georgia parent are willing to take the risk.   Representative Allen Peake, Representative Micah Gravely and their colleagues along with the parents and patients across Georgia worked diligently over the last 18 months and today they celebrate the victory.  It is a very good day for many very sick Georgian.  Many of the seizure patients will be coming home according to reports.

The first temporary card was given to Hayleigh Cox, the child HB1 was named after.  Her mother could barely contain her emotion as she spoke to the media.  She is so thankful to be coming home and be a family with her husband again.

Many sick citizens are left out of HB1, and will still face arrest if they decide they can not wait any longer.  Glaucoma and Fibromyalgia, were stripped from the bill in the Senate, which was a win since they tried to strip each and every disease except for childhood seizure disorders.  Senator Renee Untermann single handedly struck out Fibro saying that it was not a disease, yet it is named by the Federal government as a disease that can qualify citizens for disability.

As we move forward in Georgia, we will be encouraging our healthcare providers to take CME accredited classes on the endocannabanoid system and cannabis therapeutics.   We will encourage our Legislators to work with educated physicians in the field to clarify and expand HB1 to include whole plant therapy and cultivation in Georgia.   We will encourage Law enforcement to help keep this new industry safe and not arrest sick citizens anymore.

“There is a marijuana revolution happening across America it is evident.  We have been mislead, but we are educated now and educating others of how prohibition is much more harmful to us than marjuana ever could be,” said Sharon Ravert, “Today is about these kids, their parents and the others that are covered by this bill, we couldn’t be more excited for each of them.”

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