Peachtree NORML Student memberships $4.20 on 4/20

In an effort to bring more young people into the fight for policy reform, memberships will be offered for students on April 20th for the low price of $4.20. Young people, are the generation most affected by the draconian marijuana laws in Georgia.  Students have a large stake in securing sensible marijuana laws.  Don’t wait until you or your friend is a statistic. 30,000+ will be arrested in Georgia this year, if trends continue many will be under 23.

IMG_0206.Join for $4.20 on 4/20.  We will put out a reminder in the next newsletter and links will be posted on both our facebook/group and our facebook/page.  And don’t forget NORML will be attending the Georgia CARE  4/20 event  that evening at 7:00.  Come out and have some 4/20 fun.
Marijuana law reform is tricky in Georgia, but so many of you are doing the work already.  Join us and join in on making history in Georgia as we march forward to a new future, where marijuana is no longer criminal.  Young people are being arrested a record rates.  Many of the best and brightest are losing scholarships and financial aid while attending college.  You can be caught in a car with it and everyone will go to jail, it doesn’t even have to be yours.  Stand up and join us in making this very important change.

We have new chapters starting.  Find one close to you or contact us if you are interested in volunteering or starting a chapter in your area.


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  1. legalizing Marijuana should be a no brainer to our elected officials! ! Put a tax on the product and obtain a special license. The benifits would be a much less crowded prison system full of good honest hard working people! The revenues off of the sales in georgia would be tremendous, and with all that money the state is saving from a less populated jail system the state could put all this money into roads and schools and let if benefit people of this State.

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