Nevada Athletics Commission Bans Nick Diaz for 5 years for marijuana metabolites


Many people fighting to end prohibition of marijuana know the consequences all to well of being caught with a dirty urine screen.  Most know you can lose your job, your right to drive a car, your freedom, your home, your bank account, your children, your right to own a gun, your right to vote,  your right to healthcare, your right to an organ transplant, your right to apply for college financial aid, your right to fight for your country.  Over 23 million citizens in the United States live with this reality each and everyday.  Yet the drug war rages on as we see public opinion drastically supporting the End of Prohibition.  Now the Nevada athletics commission is highlighting the hypocrisy of such prohibition laws and how they can cost you not only your future, but can affect your entire community.

How far is America willing to go to eradicate a plant that is arguably a much safer substance than sugar?

If you think the punishments are what marijuana consumers deserve and they should be willing to do the time if they do the crime,  I can’t help but remind you that each of the people that work in Las Vegas during these fights could be affected as several of his fellow fighters are threatening to pull out of all Nevada sanctioned fights.  It is now time to End Prohibition of this plant.

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