Republican Strategist on Legalization: “This is something you should be for”


As a country is this really want we want?  To spend 50 Billion a year on fueling an enormous Law Enforcement bureaucracy, the militarization of police departments as they seize the rational for well this is why we need an armored personal carrier to enforce the drug warrant on a non violent marijuana offenders; and the civil asset forfeiture that comes along with it.

And for a conservative concerned about the size and growth of government, this is something you should absolutely be for.  It is one of the most effective ways of reducing the size scope influence and hypocrisy of government.- Steve Schmidt, Republican Strategist

Peachtree NORML Executive Director Sharon Ravert couldn’t agree more.  She has been encouraging Republican strategists for years, and they are finally getting on board.  “We can’t arrest our way out of marijuana use and we shouldn’t want to.  The last 80+ years have proven Prohibition doesn’t work and most kids can get it easier than their parents can. It is time to stop arresting all of our young people and educate them on the harms of youth use while allowing their adult parent to have something far safer than alcohol if they choose so.”

Bill Maher says:  “I said that years ago.  This is an issue that Republicans could have stolen from  the Democrats.”

Watch the video below: