Peachtree NORML Announces Float for Atlanta Pride Parade 2016

Peachtree NORML is pleased to announce that our float theme elected for Atlanta Pride Parade on October 9th, 2016 is “No one belongs in jail for a plant!”


Peachtree NORML plans to use the same jail cell David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, first used to harvest hemp in front of the White House on April 18th 2010.  Bronner was arrested protesting the United States’ harsh policy against industrial hemp. David then donated the cell to DCMJ to support the decriminalization initiative in Washington DC. Since that day, the cell travels in support of cannabis reform all over the country.

Peachtree NORML’s executive director, Sharon Ravert, met the caretakers of the cell while attending UNGASS in Washington, DC. Once our float theme was chosen, Peachtree NORML inquired about the use of the cell for the Atlanta Pride Parade.  They jumped at the chance to be in the parade and help Georgia move forward!

The cell’s arrival is now confirmed along with the vehicle to tow it…a 420 wrap Jeep!

We will be in row C and will be staging on West Peachtree St. Take Marta to the Civic Center Station, there is NO PARKING there, so you will need to take Marta. Bring your posters and join us for a fun time.

We will be finalizing details at our Atlanta Meeting on Tuesday, October 4th at 7pm in the Eagles Nest at Manuel’s Tavern. If you would like to help with our booth or walk with us please sign up here.


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Dr. Bronner’s All-One

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