Peake’s new medical marijuana proposal taking shape


This needs to be passed on and discussed but it seems the committee on the study of medical marijuana has already reached a conclusion. I’ve never been a fan of Peake or any politician that uses a serious issue to promote his/her own advancement and agenda, especially using children. I am also not a fan of “CBD Oil Only” legislation. I don’t even consider those states as “medical marijuana” states, yet this is the path that Georgia is going to take. The politics are already getting more complicated than any other state. Peake wants marijuana grown in-state but with a “Jail Like Security” and transported under heavy law-enforcement presence. I want the CBD rich oil for the children, but we need whole plant therapy to address the thousands of Georgians suffering from other conditions too. If we allow them to push this through, it could be years before the majority of patients have safe and legal access to life saving and changing medical marijuana. And during this time thousands of Georgians will be arrested and lives ruined or lost because of the failed policies we have in place now in this country and in our state.


2 thoughts on “Peake’s new medical marijuana proposal taking shape”

  1. Battle cry of MMJ states seems to be Our laws are the most restrictive of any in the nation rather than Our laws allow the most efficient, most effective, most inexpensive treatments to the most needful patients of any in the nation. Even many of those states which have had MMJ for years are going back and making access more difficult and provision of treatment more restricted.

  2. We will provide a very limited supply of a very limited medicine to a very limited number of patients with a very limited range of medical conditions with the possibility of a very limited degree of relief and we will feel good about ourselves.

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