Rock Legalization in Georgia

Are YOU ready to Rock Legalization in Georgia?!

Here’s what we do:

Get some rocks and decorate them.

We bought our rocks from a dollar store and used paint pens, charms, and googly eyes.  Please keep the images appropriate as we want all ages to have fun with this project. On the back, write our web address and take pictures of your art.

Take them out around town and leave them.

Examples: store(outside)/park/walking trail/courthouse

Go to our Rock Legalization in Georgia Facebook Page 

Post the location and hashtag your post — #PeachtreeNORML — #RockLegalizationGeorgia

Then have fun! Go out and see if you can find others!

Take a pic, post, # them, and post to the page.

This can be fun and raise awareness to the fight for Reform in Georgia. Let’s see how creative you are and “Rock Legalization in Georgia”.

Thank you for your continued hard work and support,

Peachtree NORML.

3 thoughts on “Rock Legalization in Georgia”

  1. This finding rocks and leaving rocks (painted) craze is everywhere for all kinds of charities or reasons I think is an amazing concept. Anyone can get into it. My grandson ???? has been collecting rocks even before we knew about this. Now the idea of painting and finding rocks has really made his day.(GET THE MESSAGE OUT) I live with chronic pain and PTSD, and it is practically impossible for me to get out with him to enjoy this. He comes back after a day out and shares his day with me I feel some of the excitement. He doesn’t mind that I can’t go with him but if I could I would. I have been living in chronic pain with PTSD for so many years If cannabis was legalized in Georgia so I could maybe go with him for him my last few years I would leave him with memories of me other than just this.????PLEASE LEGALIZE IT BEFORE IT’S TO LATE????

  2. Getting ready to head to the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park to put out some rocks, come and get them. #PeachtreeNORML #RockLegalizationGa

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