Daniel Almond House District 159 Republican Candidate supports cannabis legalization

Daniel Almond 3


Hi, I’m Daniel Almond, and I’m running for the Georgia General Assembly
seat 159 in the Republican Primary. I support full cannabis legalization as
part of a much needed and aggressive agenda to reform the state’s justice
system and reduce the size and scope of government. I served 8 years in the
US Marine Corps including combat tours in Iraq, and worked as a certified
Corrections Officer in the state of Georgia for 3 years. I have also worked
as a licensed Real Estate Agent and have an Associate Degree in Culinary
Arts from Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta. I live in Effingham County with my
wife and three daughters.

1 thought on “Daniel Almond House District 159 Republican Candidate supports cannabis legalization”

  1. Mr. Almond — To my surprise, there may be a RepubliCrat worth supporting, after all. If you’re also in favor of 2nd Amendment rights, you’ll get my vote. I’d be interested in further communication, to consider the support of the Temple of Ankh’n’Abis/Church of the Sacred Herb. Stop by Facebook and feel free to leave a message on our page, or email me directly.

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