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This weekend NORML hosted a group of brilliant college students from Students for Sensible Drug Policy at a summit in Dahlonega GA. We had great food and great conversation. The framework of a model to employ across the state in now in place. First, we’ll be working in the college towns. Why? Because that is where most of these students reside during the majority of the year. As success comes, we hope to gain support in each county following the lead of SSDP. There are several SSDP chapters in local high schools as well.

Peachtree NORML also renewed our commitment to the students working at the University of Georgia through Athens CARE. Voter registration is going to be part of our renewed emphasis, both in Athens and statewide. Peachtree NORML will continue our campaign of education of our citizens as well as elected officials on the harms of cannabis prohibition. We must insist our elected officials make the necessary changes in our existing cannabis laws to stop the arrest of 30,000 of our fellow Georgians. Peachtree NORML is very excited to be playing a support role in the efforts of SSDP. Peachtree NORML will be supporting these students in their efforts and providing guidance when necessary.

Jeremy Sharp, Georgia Executive Director of SSDP is a student at The University of North Georgia. The University of North Georgia is also near the residence of Sharon Ravert, Executive Director of Peachtree NORML. If you or anyone you know attends UNG or lives in the area, please give Sharon Ravert a call, as this area of Georgia will be a focal point during this year. 706-525-9970.

We are looking forward to this joint effort and are thankful we are able to work with such great organizations to try to transform and heal our communities through sensible drug policy.

Solutions Institute joined the summit for a training session and we look forward to the work we have before us. We are glad to have Solutions Institute and ActCon onboard for this effort. They are the premier group in Georgia working to help activist become more effective in their work.

Lastly we also would like to thank Dan Johnson, Bobby Rodrigo and Tim Metz for their guidance during the summit and look forward to their continued involvement.

You can find out more about Solutions Institute clicking the link:

ActCon III Training Conference is August 15th. Please let us know if you are interested in attending. If we have enough interest, we will be eligible for a serious discount. You can sign for the day here.

For more information, please contact Sharon Ravert, Executive Director of Peachtree NORML at

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  1. Becky Rawlins

    Just learned about PEACHTREENORML.ORG has allot of good info to promote the legalisation of marijuana for all uses. People wake up there are alot off sick children in our world that would benefit from the legalisation of this in Georgia. Why make the parents of these children break the law so their children can have a better quality of life. Visit this site it has allot of good info, join the group and support their cause.

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