Did you know doctors prescribe marijuana in Georgia every day?

Were you aware that physicians all over Georgia prescribe medical marijuana to patients? Of course, since marijuana is still considered a dangerous substance by our government it’s not really a prescription so much as it is a recommendation, but the fact remains that patients all over Georgia hear the same thing from their physicians over and over again: medical marijuana might help you.

Marijuana as Medicine

1930's cannabis tinctureMost people are surprised to learn that cannabis has been used as medicine by people all over the world, in various cultures, for thousands upon thousands of years. In fact, up until the late 1930’s, many companies openly marketed syrups, tinctures and other cannabis-based medicines for a multitude of medical conditions, including seizures, sleep disorders, autoimmune disorders, migraines and even opium withdrawals. To say that cannabis is a new medicine is an outright lie and willful misrepresentation of the facts.

A brief history of cannabis as medicine

  • 2900 B.C.- The first mention of cannabis as a popular medicine is found in ancient Chinese texts authored by Emperor Fu Hsi, who was credited with bringing civilization to China.
  • 1450 B.C.- The Book of Exodus references Holy anointing oil , created by infusing over 6 pounds of cannabis and other fragrant herbs into olive oil.
  • 600 B.C.- Indian medical literature credits cannabis for curing Leprosy.
  • 1611- Jamestown settlers bring marijuana to North America.
  • 1745- George Washington grows marijuana, with several of his diary entries stating he grew the plant for its high THC content for medicinal purposes.
  • 1840’s- Marijuana becomes mainstream medicine in the West.
  • 1850- Marijuana added to the official U.S. Pharmacopeia.
  • 1930’s- American pharmaceutical companies begin selling cannabis extracts as medicine.


Reefer Madness and the War on Marihuana

In the 1930’s a coordinated, all-out war on cannabis was waged by the U.S. government which effectively deleted any mention or notion of cannabis as medicine from our medical texts and began a decades-long war on the American public. The “marihuana hysteria” of the 30’s was based not only on faulty science, but it was delivered with some of the most racist and salacious undertones imaginable, warning people that “marijuana would make people’s white daughters want to sleep with colored men”.

It’s time to stand up for marijuana in Georgia

We get testimonials from patients on a weekly basis telling us that their physician has recommended trying marijuana for their disease or disorder. From family doctors to oncologists to neurologists, the science on cannabis is clear to so many in the medical community, which is why we need YOUR voice. We want to hear from doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in Georgia who recognize the efficacy of cannabis as medicine. We want to provide a way for you to anonymously make your voice heard through us, so that we can tell others about the successes your patients are having with medical marijuana.

Marijuana legalization is at a precipice and the time is now for our lawmakers to hear the truth. If you are a doctor or other medical professional interested in helping Georgians gain safe, legal access to medical marijuana then please contact us.


28 thoughts on “Did you know doctors prescribe marijuana in Georgia every day?”

  1. I suffer from several ailments including P.T.S.D. ,Migraines, and Chronic Pain.It started when I was young. I was buried alive in a 12ft.deep ditch. At the time I was a pipe layer.My back was injured at L4,5 and 6. This led to spinal fusion surgery which failed. The fusion broke lose during physical therapy. Small pieces of it were against my spinal cord. They did a second surgery to remove them and repair the fusion but it was unsuccessful. The day after the second surgery my father died and I couldn’t go to his funeral. I have been in a state of deep depression since. 4 weeks after being released from the hospital I witnessed my sister and cousin get squashed between 2 cars of which one was setting still the other was traveling about 50mph. My sister lost her right leg and the other was so badly damaged she almost lost it. My cousin’s legs were also badly damaged and just 4 years ago he lost his left leg due to blood clots stemming from the accident. I was hit by a car 3 years ago when I was riding a 3 wheeled bike I used as a sort of therapy to keep my strength. The car was traveling 65mph and struck me from behind. I suffered a multitude of injuries. I am in so much pain now days I came close to committing suicide within the first year after the accident and that thought is still at the forefront. I have taken prescribed pain medication but now I am experiencing stomach problems I have already had a gasteric bypass because of an ulcer that developed on my duodenum the duodenum is the first section of the small intestine. Yesterday I had to schedule an appointment to have tests run my stomach has been holding on to my food for days sometimes weeks. I hope I don’t have to have another surgery. The last surgery I had was in 2015 I had a cervical fusion with hardware due to the car-bike accident. I would like to try this new treatment using cannabis but I heard from someone that in Georgia it was only available to people with epilepsy and stuff like that. I have we only given some of my ailments. I could probably write a book on my problems but I will stop venting now. If anyone takes the time to read this article I wrote about me. Thank you for your time.If anyone can give me any advice it will be appreciated. ????????

    1. Ken, I just found this site and read your story. It’s 7 months later,but your story touched my heart, I had to reply. I pray you’ve found what you need and if you ever have suicidal thoughts please call suicide hotline or you can call me and talk about it. I hope this isn’t against the rules, but if anyone is having suicidal thoughts please call someone!! I’ve been a pain patient for 23 yrs so I can relate to how hopeless fighting pain can feel. I just moved to Woodstock from NV where I had card now I’m trying to find a doc that will help me get what I need. It changed my life and now without the relief my world has changed for the worst. If someone can recommend
      a doc that will help me get a card or prescribe klonopin while on narcotics for pain Please Help. Thanks for reading, Joyce 865-640-1074

  2. Michaela Heilig

    Are there any neurologists in the south Georgia areas that won’t shut the door in someone’s face with epilepsy trying to get ahold of a license…or be considered a ‘qualifying candidate’ for this form of treatment? My parents were told in 2015, when the “law” was passed ..or getting ready to be passed… by Dr Raymond Faught at Emory, that my dad, who has generalized seizures, was not a good candidate for medical marijuana… and Im not sure if they specified him being a good candidate to used the CBD oil or what… but this is the only opinion that my parents have had on the matter since 2004… looking for some NEW OPINIONS AND SOME NEW CARE OPTIONS! I miss my dad! He is not the same person..suffering from grand mal seizures for over 10yrs…It has changed him. He needs some new doctors! Some new treatment options…legally.

      1. I am sorry, I thought you had already received a reply. No physicians can prescribe, only recommend. There are some 300 doctors registered with the state to recommend, unfortunately their is no list. If would suggest contacting Cooper Mtn. Elixir @ coppermountainelixirs@gmail.com and they may be able to assist you with a few doctors names that could be close to you. Most doctors will not give permission to give their name out and are only interested in helping those already in their practice. The law sux, but we have to live with it for now. Sorry for the delay.

    1. Michaela Heilig

      The Georgia laws are weird.. they say you can be in possession of the product (20 oz with no more than 5% THC in it) without fear of prosecution as long as you are a card holder. I’m not sure if PTSD is one of the listed disorders for Georgia.. it is in Florida now that medical is 100% legalized.. but I don’t think it is in Georgia.

  3. Where can I find a neurologist near Canton, Georgia that has the decency to be on board with my dad as he’s already quite fond of the results thus far .

    1. Thank you for contacting us. I hope your father continues his health improvement. Many folks are just plain out talking to their doctors about it.There is a list of the available physicians at Copper Mountain Elixirs. You can also pm our Canton/Woodstock group via facebook. They can be found under Peachtree NORML Northwest Georgia. https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaLegalizeMJ/?fref=ts

      Georgiacannabis.org has a list of doctors. Also you can call the Department of Public Health and ask them for a referral

  4. I would love to find a doctor to prescibe cannabis. I have many health problems, one being MS. Getting up everyday is very painful. Wondering if I am going to fall that day. I have severe muscle spasms uncontrollably. So much pain. I’m to the point that my legs is trying to shut down. Someone please help.

  5. I’m in Savannah Georgia and I have multiple sclerosis and there is nothing that can handle the pain that I’m in so I’m trying all of my options and I do not know how to get a medical card to try this to see if it helps anything. I do not want to pop pills or all the shots that I take for pain and the MS. Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated

    1. Go to Georgia Cannabis Commission, fill out the application! You will qualify with MS . After you receive confirmation. Go to Copper Mountain Elixirs online. Then you can order simply by taking a picture of your license. I am a 49 year old Christian man who takes care of my dad with Parkinson’s. I thank God daily for providing such a simple thing with results without side effects! Have a BLESSED evening!

  6. Christopher Chambers

    It will be 40 years ago in October that I was diagnosed with “incurable” cancer. Throughout my three years of chemotherapy marijuana helped me with the nausea, and gave me an appetite which led to my being more healthy, which allowed me to better withstand the debilitating effects of chemo. It should be legal, and it should be dispensed through pharmacists, and it should be legal to grow at home, just like the other herb bushes in our yard.


    Christopher S. Chambers

  7. I am dying from malnutrition due to a complication from surgery I need to help all of my doctor suggest that I get medical marijuana for help but I can’t find a physician in Georgia is there anyone that can help me find a dr in or around the Savannah area

    1. Patrick Stanley

      Contact James Bell or one of his staff at Georgia care project. They have a great website. http://www.gacareproject.com. They will help you. I believe in James Bell and his activism. He along with many others are leading the charge here in Georgia. I wish I had his bravery and ability to network. Contact him. God bless you James.

  8. FYI Georgia

    Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill Thursday that will legalize low-THC cannabis oil for certain “medication-resistant epilepsies,” while creating an infrastructure, registration process and research program for the drug.

    The bill is dubbed Haleigh’s Hope Act.

    1. Patrick Stanley

      I followed it, it’s a castrated bill, better than nothing. In reality, Gov. Deal is just putting off this issue until it’s no longer his problem, and he is out of office, however….Senate Bill 7 by Curt Thompson is an excellent bill. Very comprehensive, and more in line with states in the rest of the country like Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Arizona, New Mexico etc. People need to register to vote. If everyone banded together, we could vote these fools out. Allen Peak had a much different idea for SB1, but in the end, he knew he could only push thru a limited bill…and even that was castrated by Governor Deal. Why do I bother having a pain management Doctor, who is instructed on how to practice medicine. I should just have my local politician write my scripts, that’s what it has come down to.

  9. Patrick Stanley

    My pain management physician is fearful to speak his mind. He fears that the medical board will mess with his license (slowing renewal etc.) They already intimidate him because he is in pain management. Questioning his judgment on prescriptions. He says that if I test positive for Marijuana, he can’t prescribe my monthly opiate prescription. I shared my positive experience with him when I tried some of my sisters cannabis, she had cancer. I explained that for the first time in over a decade, I was almost pain free for almost 8 hours off of only 3 hits. She lived in a more liberal state than Georgia. He understood, and was glad for my reaction. He also thinks that if marijuana works for an individual, they should be allowed to partake. He feels that as a country we have been negligent in our scientific research on cannabis. We spoke some more, and then the other shoe dropped….”this conversation never took place” was his final statement. I guess it’s irrelevant anyway…I don’t know where to obtain any in this state anyway

    1. Yeah, I don’t either. I have several chronic illnesses that will probably never do anything but get worse, and I’d love to see if marijuana candy would help the pain. (I stay too nauseated to attempt to smoke.) But I know I’d be dropped by my pain management doctor and probably reported to all my other doctors also. My rheumatologist even has me fill out a form that includes questions about whether I’m taking “illegal drugs” every single visit. It’s such a huge blessing to so many people, and still Georgia is so backward.

      1. Don’t feel bad we are coping with the same issues here in Florida! I too have several chronic illnesses and believe in marijuana as therapy. I also know many doctors do too but they are so afraid of losing their licenses. This world is so screwed up. It should NEVER have been made illegal and now we have to FIGHT to make it legal and save our own lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Melissa O'Shields

      Patrick we have a great pain doctor who supports cannabis use. For that reason he does not test for thc in the required urin samples. I would ask your doctor why he does.

      1. Melisssa o shields, I have stenosis in my neck, need surgery, have herniated disc in lower back, degenerative disc disease, rheumatiod arthritis, and more. I’ve been trying to find a pain clinic that supports use because I’ve been trying to find one for months. Spend all day and night on computer trying to find one. If you see this, please respond and we’ll get in touch privately. If you respond, I’ll give you my email. I am desperate. Dont know what to do

        1. My name is Amanda Myers. I love in Georgia. I have terrible arthritis, degenerative disc disease, radiculopothy,several herniated disc, broke left foot, and other problems. I need a clinic in south ga that prescribes mariujan. If you can help me call 1-706-847-9562.

          1. Georgiacannabis.org has a list of doctors. Also you can call the Department of Public Health and ask them for a referral.


      2. responding to Mellisa, I did ask my dr. here inv rome ,ga about pot after he threat to withhold pain med after a positive marker on the monthly urine test.his respons the DAE told hm anyone testing positive sells their pain meds to build people t. I -almost passed out
        ,- hen broke out laughing he was serious,what a moron.I trust this mana with my wellbeing.@

      3. To anyone who can help me find or even recommend a Dr that will support my efforts to obtain a medical marijuana card. I live in S. Atlanta metro area. I am a combat veteran suffering from PTSD.
        I welcome suggestions from those that use a reputable Dr.
        Thank you.

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