Will Georgia citizens get to Vote on marijuana cultivation?


Last year the Georgia General Assembly passed a watered down bill, HB1 that provided a list of medical conditions and a nice card for protection of patients with those conditions. Patients were told it would set the stage for in-state grow this year, as there was no legal way to get it to patients yet.

Yesterday, it became clear that in-state grow will not be happening under the current administration.  “I feel for Allen, it is hard to know the truth, know the fears are unwarranted and watch families suffering the Harms caused by the Prohibition of this wonderful plant.” said Sharon Ravert, Executive Director of Peachtree NORML. Marijuana was legal until 1937.

Representative Peake obviously has a few more cards to play.  Yesterday he introduced HB1077

The language if passed without substitute would be as follows:

Shall the State of Georgia establish a strict regulatory structure that would allow for the limited licensure for growing, processing, and dispensing medical cannabis oil in Georgia to citizens with severe illnesses and that are properly registered with the state?”


23 States allow for in-state growing for consumers, either through approved business models or home cultivation.  Three years in to this work, Georgian have zero safe access.  The only winner thus far is the illicit market, more customers, that buy more often, the price of Governor Deal’s decisions could be steeper than anyone can imagine.  Although this is a non-binding vote, I predict voter turn out will be up.

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  1. God bless you and we vets that don’t want the opiates need you to keep fighting against the good old boy system. I am for law enforcement and member of FEMA st 9-11 for almost a yr w my k9. I am 47 and have had 18 operations 6 on my back. The opiates were going to kill me until I found Mmj. God blesd

  2. I just saw a story on March 28 on 11Alive about how Gov.s Deals Chief of Staff Emailed Rep. Peak
    and told him that cultivation and medical marijuana would go nowhere as long as it remained a schedule1 drug. He also inform Peak that a floor leader should not draw this type of attention to the governors office. Rep.Peake then step down as a floor leader. It looks like that as long as we have Mr. Deal as our Gov. in the state of Ga. that medical marijauna will go nowhere. Georgians who need Cannibis for medical purposes will have to continue to be medical refugees. I have voted Republican all of my life and this year, if I am still in the state of Ga. when the elections come this year, that will definitely change.

    1. HB722, if passed, will include the additional conditions that make it through the process. There could be others taken off and possibly some added before passage through amendment.
      This would be a non binding vote of the people. Key word: non-binding and would cover whatever conditions have already been approved through law.

    1. I totally agree with Sean Led better!! If marijuana helps those who have a non-curable disease such as cancer, epilepsy, or in my case Multiple Sclerosis, then by all that the ppl in legislation get off their high horse & pass the dang law.
      I honestly believe that if it were their spouse, their child or even for themselves, they would be 300% in total agreement to have the blasted law pass. Sad part is for those who use Medicaid or Medicare are the ones who get very little say in the matter.
      Politicians should HAVE TO DEAL with every day life with a person who has these kinds of diseases. Fortunately for them THEY’RE living off of our taxes. Sam-hill!!! They work for u & I, who are you ppl that lives off the backs our labors & then dang if they don’t want a pay increase? How arrogant of u all!!!
      None one of u could walk a half mile in my shoes, NOT A SINGLE ROTTEN ONE OF YOU. You ALL have brought shame to our wonderful nation but because y’all back-stab each other & the AMERICAN people, NO ONE , NO ONE TRUSTS ANY OF YOU!! I know that I don’t & most people I know don’t trust any of you either.

  3. I was recently involved in a rally at the Legislative Building in ATL to promote and advocate the need for Canabis oil. Currently allowed for a small group we are advocating that the law be expanded. The problem with the bill that in order to use the oil in GA, which is legal now, it must be transported across state lines which is a federal no-no. Additionally the legislators recently took out many maladies which are helped, including Alzheimers, from the current proposed legislation. Not only does this hurt those who suffer from this horrible disease, not allowing Alzheimers patients access to this remedy, continues to put added financial and emotional stress on all involved in the patients care. The studies have been done on many other aliments that would be helped. I implore the GA legislative body to reconsider their recent decisions on Medical Marijuana.

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