Young Republicans say Stop arresting people for a plant

ann leePeachtree NORML Executive Director, Sharon Ravert, is an Atlanta native and life long Republican.  “I am in full agreement with Ann Lee” says Ravert.  “You don’t have to be pro cannabis to be anti-prohibition, The Grand Ole Party is primed for a revolution of conscientiousness towards prohibition of marijuana and the Young Republicans are leading the way.”

Ann Lee, a powerhouse octogenarian activist and mother of Richard Lee,the founder of Oaksterdam University. Inspired by her wheelchair-bound son, she now tells fellow Lone Star Republicans to “Just say grow.” She makes quite a stir at the drug conferences, an outspoken grandmother helping to lead the conservative wing of the cannabis movement. As she told the Washington Post, “It disturbs me greatly that Republicans would distort the principles of small government, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty in such a way that they could support the failed principle of marijuana prohibition any longer.

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1 thought on “Young Republicans say Stop arresting people for a plant”

  1. This is great stuff. I fully agree that marijuana should be legal and controlled under laws such as aclcohol. I have recently been terminated from a job that I have worked at for almost 8 years. It was my life and my career and now not only an I gonna have to suffer the loss of something special but so is my wife, daughter and unborn son. The world is twisted marijuana is safer and healthier than alcohol. Let’s focus on the real problems and stop worrying about something that gonna have a positive effect on this world. Last time I checked I’m sure accidnts involving alcohol was over 60%. Accidents involving ” drugs” and marijuana was under 15%. For lack of better words stop crying like a bunch a babies and let’s make changes that will gain more respect from the people. If everyone would stop fighting against one another and learn to co-exist it would be a much better place.

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