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Governor Deal signs HB1 into law in Georgia

Watch more from Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his 3rd report Weed 3

We at NORML are committed to continuing the education of the public, media and our legislators on issues surrounding marijuana law reform. NORML works to end the Read more

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A Letter from a mmj patient

I thought if I explained my perspective and fear that maybe it would give you an understanding of why I am who I am now. I love you forever, btw! You will always be my middle school mama, you Read more

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You can make a difference in Georgia Take Action NOW

Support SR6- introduced by Senator Curt Thompson of the 5th-

Senate Resolution 6, which, if approved, would place a constitutional amendment seeking to legalize marijuana on the electoral ballot. SR6 would regulate the commercial cultivation, processing, and retail of Read more

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